Concord Transportation partners with the best

Our long standing expertise in cross-border LTL shipping is complemented by the domestic trucking infrastructure of our dedicated U.S. partners. SAIA and A. Duie Pyle have worked closely with us for over a decade. Their combined locations allow us a large footprint in the U.S. and together we have over 170 locations to serve you.

We share the core strengths of serving the time sensitive, secure handling of our customers' high value commodities. We’re on the same page, work to the same standards and communicate in real time to give our customers access to the critical shipment data they require. No one else has the coverage and control of your shipments quite like the combined forces of our strategic network.

A fully integrated network

We are in the business of moving two commodities, your freight and your shipment data. We do both on an expedited basis and serve the northbound and southbound LTL shipping for our clients in a seamless fashion within our combined transportation network.

We use the latest in RFD scanning technology and web based track and trace functionality to keep you in the loop in real time. This gives you access to the critical data you need to manage your business efficiently. Our technology features include:

  • RFD scanning of all shipments
  • Document imaging
  • RNS link to Canada Customs
  • Web based track and trace
  • Custom reporting
  • On-line proof of delivery
  • EDI capabilities
  • 24/7 satellite based communications