One of Canada’s leaders in CrossBorder LTL

Concord Transportation started its operations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in 1973. Like the transportation industry in general, we have evolved and fine-tuned our services to better suit the needs of our clientele. Today, Concord is focused on LTL shipping of high value, time sensitive commodities between Canada and the USA. Our locations are strategically located throughout Canada and the USA and supplemented by dedicated partners to provide comprehensive North American coverage. Our logistics division, supplements our core LTL service offering with a complete solution including North American Truckload service. Our logistics service is available to our existing Concord customers on an exclusive basis.

A TFI International Company

Our company has flown the TFI colours since August, 2011. TFI International is Canada's largest transportation provider and is also in the top 10 for hire carriers in North America. The advantage to our customers is a best of both worlds scenario:

  • You receive the personal attention and high service level of a niche carrier in crossborder LTL shipping
  • The resources, stability, sophisticated administration and IT infrastructure wrapped into one of the largest transportation networks in North America.

Chicago and LA are key expedited LTL lanes

Our partners (SAIA and A. Duie Pyle) both rank in the Top 100 U.S. Carriers. The combination of our extensive networks allows for scheduled expedited daily departures between key locations in Canada and the USA.